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Luxury meets innovation in the BMW 7 Series Sedan. This is the flagship that BMW crafted allowing the brand to earn its reputation for stately elegance years ago. Now, the 2023 BMW 7 Series Sedans offer a new take on luxury automobile design -- and start a new chapter in their legacy. From styling, to comfort all the way down to customizable performance touches, the BMW 7 series continues to reinvent the luxurious driving experience.

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Making A Grand Entrance

The new BMW 7 Series Sedan promises a premium driving experience by combining pure elegance with multisensory entertainment. It offers a welcoming scenario with "Great Entrance Moments," and impressive features such as BMW Crystal Headlights and Illuminated Kidney Grille. Inside the car, the atmosphere is luxurious with individual My Modes, creating a lounge-like environment. The Rear Executive Lounge Seating option, available on the BMW 760i xDrive Sedan, includes a reclining seat, an executive lounge center console, and the available 31" BMW Theater Screen.

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Control Centre

Every second of your experience in the all-new BMW 7 Series Sedan is meticulously crafted -- making every interaction intuitive, engaging, or awe-inspiring. Wonderfully laid out and at your beck and call, the all-new BMW Curved Display arcs gracefully across the dashboard -- bringing an interactive focus to the redesigned interior. The passengers in the rear can enjoy a cinematic experience on a 31.3" BMW Theatre Screen, making the journey even more entertaining and comfortable. Overall, the BMW 7 Series Sedan provides a sophisticated driving experience, incorporating both style and technolog

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The Dynamics

Whether a combustion engine with 48V mild-hybrid technology or a purely electric motor, you will find precisely the BMW 7 Series Sedan that suits you. While with the Executive Drive Pro suspension control system, you enjoy an even more comfortable ride -- without sacrificing any driving fun. The final touch, Integral Active 4-Wheel Steering offers more maneuverability and agility such as when parking. At high speeds the 7 Series' driving stability increases.

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