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With a constantly updated menu of inspired new technologies and products, BMW is leading the charge in automotive evolution. We engineer our renowned vehicle lineup to be the most advanced in the world. And we continuously push the limits of efficiency and performance. We do this because our goal is not to be ahead of the curve; we are determined to be ahead of everything else on the road.


Mobile Office With Text-To-Speech

In every BMW, you have complete control of the road, along with any business matters that may arise. The innovative Mobile Office feature allows you to sync your smartphone to your vehicle like never before, allowing you to access your e-mails, contacts, calendar, and more. And our exclusive text-to-speech function reads your e-mails to you aloud, so your hands never have to leave the wheel. The time you spend in your BMW just became a whole lot more efficient.

BMW Apps

Introducing a new way to stay in touch. With the BMW Apps you can bring Facebook, Twitter, your calendar, or even your favourite web radio station into your car on the iDrive screen. Your Control Display can show the latest status updates from your Facebook or Twitter account, as well as upcoming events, while the car's audio system can read them out using the text-to-speech function. Get ready for the next generation of mobile communication and entertainment with your iPhone and BMW ConnectedDrive.

BMW Concierge

There's much more than just a welcoming voice on the other end of BMW Concierge. Whether you're looking to book a flight or hotel, find the nearest ATM, or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, our customer relations agents are always there for you. BMW Concierge is available 24/7 and transfers address data directly to the Navigation System of your BMW. And in case of emergency, BMW Assist is equipped with a host of helpful tools, including Emergency Request, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Remote Door Unlock, Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, and more.

Google MyInfo

Use Google Maps to send points-of-interest information directly to your BMW using your e-mail address and BMW Assist account. Find restaurants, friends' homes, or even the location of your next meeting. With Google Maps, you can send any destination to your vehicle from your computer, and then accept the information into the Navigation System once in your car. You can even call your destination using Bluetooth integration by selecting the displayed telephone number.

USB Audio Integration

Get in and play on. The USB audio interface lets you connect MP3 players, Apple iPods, USB sticks, and mobile phones seamlessly with the BMW audio system. Navigate through the music you love with buttons on the steering wheel, iDrive, the radio buttons, or the very handy voice control. You can even display the album cover art for the artist currently playing.


Surround View With Top View

Surround View delivers a 270° view around your BMW, giving you a new way of looking at the road. Thanks to cameras in the wing mirrors and the Rear-view Camera, you get a bird's-eye view of your surroundings. At the same time, two cameras at the front of the vehicle show you what's happening on both sides. All of this combines to considerably improve your vision when driving in and out of difficult driveways or tight parking spaces.

Head-Up Display

BMW's full-colour Head-Up Display projects critical driving information, such as speed, directions, and alerts, directly in your field of vision, so distraction is minimized. This virtual image appears approximately two metres ahead of you, at the end of the hood, seamlessly integrating into whatever scenario your find yourself in. Your eyes and attention stay focused on the road, where they rightfully belong.

Night Vision

Your command of the road doesn't end when the sun sets. BMW Night Vision is our exclusive infrared technology that allows you to see through the dark, up to a class-leading 300 metres ahead. Objects, animals, and pedestrians are instantly distinguished, leading you to safer nighttime driving.


Brake Energy Regeneration

As soon as you brake or lift your foot off the accelerator, Brake Energy Regeneration goes to work. Your BMW's kinetic energy is captured and fed straight back into the battery. This reduces the amount of power the battery consumes from the engine and considerably improves fuel efficiency. With fewer components drawing power from the drivetrain, more of the engine's output can go into accelerating the car.

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

The Steptronic-enabled 8-speed automatic transmission system shifts gears so quickly and smoothly, the only thing you'll notice is the movement of the tachometer needle. Gears have been added and spaced closer together, so changing from third to fourth is practically undetectable. And at higher speeds, the long eighth gear reduces the number of revolutions per minute. So you get quieter, more dynamic, and more comfortable performance, along with reduced fuel consumption.

Twinpower Turbo Technology

Driving pleasure and efficiency enter into a new dimension with BMW's award-winning engines with TwinPower Turbo technology. This innovative package ensures significant reduction in fuel use while maintaining higher-performance engine output, and you're not the only one who will notice. This technology concept milestone in BMW EfficientDynamics is regarded worldwide as the benchmark for dynamic power buildup and impressive efficiency.

Intelligent Lightweight Construction

Our engineers have already begun to design and construct with featherweight materials, such as aluminum, which reduces weight and improves overall performance. Engines and powertrains contain ultra-modern magnesium alloys which provide considerable weight savings. All this added attention to detail means that weight is evenly balanced and fuel consumption is reduced.

BMW Active Hybrid

BMW ActiveHybrid is about much more than reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It's about significantly increasing performance as well. The intelligent combination of an electric motor and a combustion engine offers increased driving pleasure without compromising comfort or space. Finally, drivers can experience the green benefits of a hybrid without sacrificing the thrill of performance. And that's what's important to us.

High Precision Injection

High Precision Injection gets the most out of every single drop of fuel. This latest-generation direct fuel injection system features Piezo injectors located right next to the spark plugs. These inject fuel at high pressure with maximum precision, ensuring smoother running, higher performance, and particularly efficient combustion.

Auto Start-Stop

The idea is simple: the Auto Start-Stop function powers down the engine each time your BMW comes to a complete halt, and then automatically restarts it when you're ready to go. So if you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or at a red light, you will use less fuel. Simply taking your foot off the clutch activates the function. The moment you hit the accelerator, the engine instantaneously springs back to life, and you can drive on without a moment's delay.

Advanced Diesel

BMW's Advanced Diesel with BluePerformance converts environmentally harmful nitrogen oxide into clean nitrogen and vapour within the exhaust system. So when you're on the road, you can be rest assured you're running on the cleanest diesel engine BMW has ever produced. In addition to delivering outstanding fuel efficiency, this state-of-the-art engine meets North America's strictest emission regulations, providing a smooth drive with immediate response and tremendous revving ability. Now that's what we call advanced.

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