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"BMW Performance Driving Program"

I just wanted to thank you again for hosting me at the BMW event today.  It was a fantastic way to showcase the brand, the dealership and the people behind the scenes.  I very much appreciated being treated as a VIP, and was even more pleased to drive some great vehicles near the limit.
The staffing of the event was over-the-top professional, and I would suggest that you and your team hit the mark in terms of delivering on what the BMW experience is all about.  Certainly this sort of event can and will drive repeat ownership of the brand and also convert owners of other marques.
The only downside of the event is that it showed me how capable the new 2 litre four cylinder engine is in both 3 series and 5 series applications-and this is a downside only for the brand because I now feel that I would not automatically go for a six cylinder like I normally would have!  I was amazed at its performance when pushed and the immediacy of response.

Anthony S L

"Great Service..."

We have had our 2010 X3 for a month now and love it. We can't say enough about the great service from the people at the Dealership. Sean looked after our wants and needs regarding the purchase of our X3 and followed up to make sure all was well. Our first visit to your service department introduced us to Aaron who again did his best to make sure we were looked after. Great people make for a great experience.

Darryl and Sue

"Extremely Impressed..."

I have always been extremely impressed by the quality of service at BMW Victoria, but last Friday they excelled themselves. I pulled into the service centre at 4:55PM with a coolant leak, expecting to have to leave the vehicle there until the following week, but they spotted the problem, fixed it, and sent me on my way by 5:20PM, no charge.  

If there was an award for outstanding service above and beyond the call of duty for automobile dealers, I would give it to BMW Victoria!

Robin G

"Very pleased with the professionalism"

Overall in the last couple of years I have been very pleased with the professionalism displayed by all the  BMW Victoria staff and also by GAIN's corporate support of our community.  In the spirit of the old saying "imitation is the highest form of flattery" I have added the Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island to my charities that I will support in 2014.

Keep up the good work!


"Excellent service.."

I want to leave this note to commend your service department  and Antonio for the excellent service we received last Saturday.  We were visiting Victoria for the day and had our heater control unit fail during the heavy rain storm.  We managed to make it to your facility and were so thankful for the quick service to troubleshoot and fix the problem (blown fuse). We were out the door again in 45 minutes and able to resume our day. So thanks BMW and particularly Antonio.

Brian W

"Superb Service"

Thank you Daniel and Andy for the superb service this past weekend! Your professionalism, care, and attentiveness to our needs and timeline will be remembered. We look forward to doing business with you again in the near future.

Karen J

"Thank you"

I bought recently a used BMW from this Dealership and can only thank them for how easy and pleasant the process was made for me. I will be back in a few years for a new one.
Thank you.

H. Mandel

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