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BMW performance driving program

Venture into the world of motorsport. The BMW Performance Driving Program guarantees you pure excitement and an authentic racing atmosphere behind the wheel of our outstanding vehicles. You’ll be joined by experienced BMW instructors who will let you in on professional tips and tricks to help you on your way to becoming a fully-fledged BMW driver. Get ready to be blown away by the unique combination of M Power and a motorsports playground where performance driving enthusiasts come to hone their skills.

Bred for performance, BMW lives and breathes motorsport. BMW Victoria invites you to take part in our exclusive BMW Performance Driving Program. An adrenaline rush like no other; this event will put you behind the wheel for a first hand motorsport experience. Become more confident in your driving skills on a closed course, instructed by our trained professionals and in your own BMW. Our goal is to see our driver’s smiling and experience pure driving joy while leaving you wanting more.

Please note this is a program we offer for our clients at BMW Victoria. Inquire with your Sales Consultant today. Selected participants must be at least nineteen (19) years of age and have a valid, full class driver’s license in their province/territory. All participants will be required to sign an on-site waiver prior to participating.



BMW vehicles feature incredible power that will push you into the back of your seat. But power is useless without the ability to control it, so our instructors will teach you how to both launch a car from standstill and apply throttle smoothly when exiting a turn.


Everything we teach on the track can be applied on real-world roads. With cornering, we’ll show you how to keep your eyes as far down the track as possible. We’ll also recalibrate your driving brain to focus on things like which tire has the most grip, and when to apply or let off the brakes.


Experience weight transfer, skidpad control, and under- and oversteer conditions on wet pavement. You’ll explore how to counteract the car’s momentum at high speeds and safely anticipate situations before they happen.


Understanding when to brake, and how to avoid brake fade, are key elements to high-performance driving. The BMW Performance Driving Program will allow you to explore the limits of a BMW’s amazing brake capabilities, while keeping the car pointed where you want it to go.


If so, and you would like to join us for an upcoming event to experience the thrill of M for yourself, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon.

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