Proactive Driving as it is often referred to is as much about being prepared and seeing all of the concerns that lie ahead but also in reading the road and the drivers that operate on our roads and highways.
Introducing your exclusive opportunity to join us at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit to experience BMW Victoria’s Proactive Driving Program. Pure excitement guaranteed, this program puts you behind the wheel of your very own BMW at Canada’s only year round motorsports facility. Become more confident in your driving skills and in-tune with your brand new BMW, on a closed course, instructed by our trained professionals.

BMW Performance Driving Program Program


Introducing the perfect motorsports playground where performance driving enthusiasts can come together to enjoy a unique facility found among the verdant mountains of British Columbia’s island Eden. Enjoy the performance your new BMW can provide while being coached by our defensive driving professionals. Develop your skills on the ultimate test track, designed by the renowned Tilke GmbH team, offering each driver different challenges and opportunities to hone their skills. We are proud to offer you the perfect facility to fill every driver with the excitement and passion that lies in the heart of every BMW. The result can be measured in smiles per corner.

BMW Performance Driving Program ProgramGET ONE STEP AHEAD

Our extensive half day program will give you insight not only how to position yourself properly in your vehicle to maximize its safety components, but also to minimize fatigue, risk of injury and to minimize dangerous blind spots by maximizing your field of vision and awareness.

We feel the most unique and important part of our program will yes teach you the theory of car control and balance as well as give you the real time experience on our Dynamic Driving Area of Understeer, Oversteer, both common conditions that can lead to accidents. As well as how to perform a full “Panic Stop” or facilitate “Accident Avoidance” in an emergency situation. Our “Field ofVision” drill will no doubt expand your range of awareness and minimize surprises by other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or even wildlife.

We also strongly believe that how we position our vehicle in traffic, how we read other drivers and how well we will teach you to be aware of your surroundings will not only make you a more informed and confident driver but ultimately make you a much safer driver.

This program is designed not only for the “New Driver” but also for the “Experienced Driver” that would like to refresh some skills and experience the safety and stability controls of their modern vehicle in a controlled environment.

* Level one course value of $229


A CLASSROOM COMPONENT (approximately 25 min)

• Proper seating position to promote active driving instead of being driven
• Proper “field of vision” preparation
• Where to position your car in traffic

• How much space is needed for safe braking and avoidance maneuvers
• How to read traffic and how to react to avoid
• Explanation of car balance, understeer and oversteer
• Understanding how your input has an effect on the vehicle
• Proper corner, entry and exit technique
• When to accelerate, when to brake and when not
• Executing a ‘Panic Stop” or “Accident avoidance” steering while ABS braking

DRIVING DYNAMIC EXPERIENCE (approximately 120 min)

• Acceleration, merging and Panic Stops on dry and wet surface
• Accident Avoidance Drills, avoiding obstacles, pedestrians and wild life
• Field of Vision Drills and how to see danger before it is too close to react
• Perfecting car position on the roadway on straights and even in corners

• Promote safe handling in corners up and down hill and also respect the lanes on the road.
• Slalom to feel car balance, understeer, relationship of throttle, braking to steering input.
• Finally wrap up your experience with a couple guided laps on our road course.

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