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Together with your BMW, you've been on many roads and many adventures -- all representing different chapters of your shared story. A story that is far from ending. With BMW Victoria Service, you can keep your BMW running smoothly on the road ahead with attractive and transparent prices, and care that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Service & Maintenance

Regular maintenance by qualified professionals is important to keep your vehicle in peak performing condition.

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Parts & Accessories

Our parts centre at BMW Victoria has a comprehensive selection of parts and accessories for you to choose from. Order what you need today!

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Body Shop

BMW Victoria offers full service repairs under one roof for all types of body work. Book an online appointment for a free estimate of your required repairs.

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You only need a few minutes to book an online appointment with our service and maintenance department at BMW Victoria. A member of our team will contact you quickly to confirm your appointment.

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Car Detailing

Your car deserves to be cleaned by professionals on a regular basis. The car detailing service at BMW Victoria will bring back the 'new look' to your car in no time!

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Recall Verification

Didn't buy your vehicle with us? Contact us today to ensure everything with your vehicle is in perfect working order. We offer recall verification services to keep you safe and your vehicle running smoothly.

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