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Dr. Rick C.

a week ago

Driving into the BMW Victoria dealership parking lot and meeting up with Ruben Little was a refreshing experience! Not your typical pushy salesman by any means! We were in the market for a Mini Countryman 2, having never even driven one before and not knowing a lot about them other than what we had researched on the internet...he was a wealth of knowledge, exceptionally accommodating and concerned that we were totally comfortable before sending us off, ‘to have fun’ as he put it, for a test drive! From the beginning to end of our transaction of eventually buying ‘that perfect one’ we were looking for, he was a friendly, polite gentleman that delivered impeccable attention to all the details of the vehicle and the purchase! We would not have a single issue recommending Ruben to anyone for their search of a vehicle. Rubens 5 star service was above and beyond!

Sharon MacNeill

in the last week

I had the pleasure working with Hayden from the service department, and the sales manager David. Both of them were phenomenal listeners, also were very kind and attentive. They both made me feel very comfortable and never rushed me when I had questions to ask or I just wanted to talk (and I talk... a lot). I would recommend them to any friends and/ or family for future maintenance or purchases. Daniel from the sales department was also very helpful in trying to get me a good deal on a new vehicle. Although I didn’t find what I was looking for, he was dedicated and thorough. I really appreciate all of your guys’ help! Thanks again. Will be visiting very soon. *Edited* I picked up my vehicle from the Service Manager Philip this morning, and BMW Victoria keeps making my experience more memorable and heartwarming. Philip was quick to acknowledge me at the door although it looked like he was helping a few other clients at the same time. He looked really busy but continued to acknowledge me and got to me as soon as he was finished. On top of that, he offered very great service, and gave me his business card for future reference, asked me to reach to him if I have feedback to share on how to “better their service the next time”. I honestly feel they were phenomenal to begin with but really appreciated the gesture. Thank you all so very much!!!

Grace Yoo

a week ago

The Customer Service experience at BMW Victoria was excellent. The team of Reuben, Dave and Josh was exceptional. Reuben’s genuine approach is professional but also relaxed and very friendly. He took the time to explain the differences and specifics of each vehicle. Reuben attentively listened to what I was looking for. We easily discussed the price differences in models. There were no hidden extras, everything was completely transparent. I was offered a tutorial at any time if any questions were to arise with the X3 model I purchased. When I went to the BMW Victoria. dealership that day, I had no intention of leaving with a new car. However, it was Reuben that made all the difference with his genuine customer service and by showing me a model that had what I was looking for. The team stayed very late after closing hours the day I made my purchase. Everyone worked as a team and clearly wanted me to get the right vehicle, there was no pressure. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend Reuben and the team of BMW Victoria.

jackie collins

2 weeks ago

The whole experience was a dream. I feel like I got a lot for my money, felt like I was treated like I was buying a new car despite it being used, and the ongoing support from Ruben Little has been exceptional. I cannot say enough positive things about the dealership, and even when we’ve had some hiccups, someone had always followed through. This is my first car purchase, and I do appreciate the patience and the sound advice. I am loyal to the dealership absolutely.

Jessie Lane

3 weeks ago

I was on the look out for a nice used vehicle, and looked at quite a few around Victoria and the mainland. I went to BMW Victoria and had an amazing experience with Ruben Little, the Sales Consultant, and David Bui, the Sales Manager. The attention to detail and the transparency of the entire experience has been flawless. I was looking for a 328i and ended up buying this amazing 335I M Sport after many factors including value for what my needs were, I could not be happier. There was a minor issue during the purchase, and the dealership dealt with the issue promptly and at no cost to me. They stand behind their product new and used, and I have not seen this type of service and care in 30 years of buying cars new and used ever. They not only wrapped the vehicle on delivery, but treated me the same as if I was purchasing a new vehicle, and that was fantastic. Ruben Little is one of the best sales guys I have ever had to deal with, and I will be buying vehicles from him in the future. Thank you BMW Victoria, 5 star service is an understatement. Even the detail department went above and beyond, and the vehicle was spotless. Thank you Ruben Little.

Owen Stacey

a month ago

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